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Restaurant Na Hájence - Rabštejnská Lhota 22 - Chrudim


We are glad that you have chosen our restaurant where we will prepare an entire feast for you and everything that belongs to it to your full satisfaction. We would like you to enjoy the unforgettable moments in the middle of nature. Below there is basic information, food offer and photo gallery prepared for you.

It is not possible to bring your own alcoholic drinks, soft drinks or food excluding cakes, desserts and refreshments as agreed. Booking fee is 5,000 Czech crowns per term; this fee will be deduced in the overall bill. The fee is binding and non-refundable. If you intend to refrain until the early hours, our helpful staff will be happy to take care of you. There is a night surcharge of 500 Czech crowns per hour beginning at midnight. Further information, creating a menu, selecting portions and the total budget will be prepared for you after your personal visit. Please do not hesitate to arrange your meeting in advance by calling
773 701 915.

Appetizers 50g:
Ham roll with horseradish, pastry                 75  
Fresh grilled cheese from a nearby farm, pastry 75  
Smoked salmon with lime and olives, bread 75
Roasted chicken liver on thyme with almonds, toast 75
Roastbeef with spicy sauce, pastry 85
Poached leg of deer with cranberry sauce, pastry 95
Soups 0,33 liters:
Beef broth with liver dumplings 39  
Beef broth with meat and noodles 39  
Chicken soup with meat and noodles 39  
Main dishes: 
150 g Roasted pork, white-bread dumplings and sauerkraut  165  
150 g Beef sirloin in cream sauce, white - bread dumplings 185  
250 g Grilled chicken leg with hot corn, mashed potatoes 205  
150 g Roast wild boar leg, sauerkraut, white - bread dumplings 185  
150 g Rosehip sauce with wild boar leg, dumplings 195  
150 g Venison sirloin, white - bread dumplings 205
150 g Venison mix, mashed potatoes 195 
200 g Roasted duck breast with pear on honey, glazed walnuts and roasted potatoes 245  
200 g Salmon with lemon sauce and chateau potatoes 245  
200 g Turkey steak with ratatouille 185
Banquet dishes:
100 g Beef goulash 115  
100 g Venison goulash 135  
100 g Uruguayan steaks 210  
100 g Chilli meat mixture with onion 165   
1000 g Grilled leg of pork (bread, mustard, horseradish, pickled peppers and cucumbers included in the price) 440  
1000 g Roasted piglet (bread, mustard, horseradish, pickled peppers and cucumbers included in the price 240  
1 kg Chicken and pork mini schnitzels 650  
2 kg Platter with salamis and hams 1500  
2 kg Platter with quality cheese cut in chunks and slices 1500  
2 kg Selection of smoked meats (ham, pork, smoked pork) 650  
1 kg Minced steaks with chilli peppers 450  
1 kg Grilled chicken thighs                 450  
1 kg Roasted chicken wings 450  Kč
1 kg Roastbeef s pikantí marinádou 1050  
1 kg Tartar steak 1400  
2 kg Carpaccio from leg of deer with horseradish   2200
2 kg Marinated salmon in combination with smoked salmon 2200  
2 kg Vegetable platter, salad dressings 550  
3 kg Fruit platter                550  
10 p Beetroot salad 650
10 p  Shopski salad 650  
10 p Cabbage salad with dressing                 650  
1 pc Apple strudel 65  
10 pc Sacher cake 1200  
10 pc Mozart marzipan cake 1200  
1 b. Selection of wholemeal and white bread 35  

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