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Opening hours

September to April

Mo – Fri

3:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.


11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.


11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

May to June

Mo – Fri

2:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m

Sat – Sun

11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

July-August (vacation)

Mon – Sun

11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Public Holidays

open from 11 am

Restaurant Na Hájence - Rabštejnská Lhota 22 - Chrudim



0.4l Homemade soup 39,-
0.3l Chicken broth with meat and homemade noodles 35,-
0.3l Garlic soup with broth, yolk and fried bread 35,-


150g Boar medallions with roasted pear on honey served with pear sauce and roasted potatoes 230,-
150g Venison steaks with homemade potato salad 205,-
200g Homemade grilled burger of wild boar meat with vegetables and cheddar cheese 185,-
200g Spiced wild boar meatballs in mushroom sauce with mashed potatoes 195,-

Main Dishes

200g Grilled cutlet stuffed with sheep cheese served with sauerkraut, roasted potatoes and bacon chips 235,-
200g Pork tenderloin marinated in garlic and parsley 195,-
200g Chicken steak with grilled eggplant and herb dip 165,-
250g Beef Eye Round steak with herb butter 225,-
150g Tartar steak, six slices of fried bread 210,-
100g Sheep cheese Tartare with six slices of fried bread 165,-
250g Buckwheat with chicken, vegetables and fresh cheese from the farm 155,-
7pc Blueberry sweet dumplings with butter and cinnamon 145,-
150g Grilled fresh cheese from the farm with mashed potatoes 165,-
250g Fillet of trout on the grill with seasoned fresh tomato slices interlaced with cheese  


100g Slices of beetroot with fennel sauce and yoghurt dip 55,-
250g Vegetable salad with fresh cheese 65,-

Children´s Dishes

100g Grilled chicken steak 60,-
100g Pieces of chicken meat in breadcrumbs 60,-
100g Medallions of pork tenderloin on the grill 75,-


Ice-cream sundae with forest fruit 75,-
3pc Wholemeal pancakes with forest fruit and cream cheese 75,-

Side Dishes

150g Chips, Croquettes 35,-
150g Farm chips 35,-
200g Mashed potatoes 35,-
200g Boiled potatoes 30,-
50g Homemade Tartar sauce, Ketchup, Yoghurt-garlic dressing 20,-
3pc Basket with bread 20,-

Our staff will give you information on allergens.




Winter original hot drinks

0.04 Grog STROH 60% Alcoholic 95,-
0.04 Hot Kirsch Alcoholic 45,-
Homemade tea made from wild fruit Non-alcoholic 45,-


0.5l Pilsen Urquell light lager 35,-
0.3l 27,-
0.5l Kozel 11 29,-
0.3l   21,-

BEER in bottles, in cans

0.4l Fenix with an orange slice - aaaa 45,-
0.4l Kingswood Cider 45,-
0.5l Birell light non-alcoholic beer 32,-
0.5l Birell semi-dark non-alcoholic beer - aaaa 32,-

Warm beverages

Mulled Wine 0.2l – red and white 55,-
Turkish Coffee 29,-
Espresso - Gaetano Caffé 35,-
Piccolo - Gaetano Caffé 35,-
Latté - Gaetano Caffé 45,-
Cappuccino - Gaetano Caffé 45,-
Hot Chocolate – white, dark 45,-
Homemade tea from wild fruit 45,-
Vienna Coffee 55,-
Algerian Coffee 65,-
Grog from Rum 0.04 55,-
Grog from Plum Brandy Žufánek 0.04 75,-
Tea Gatuzo according to choice 42,-


Salted Almonds 50,-
Potato Chips 45,-
Sticks from Hradec 30,-
Peanuts 50,-


0.5l Kofola – Czech Cola 30,-
0.4l 22,-
0.3l 20,-
0.33l Coca-Cola in a glass 35,-
0.33l Fanta in a glass 35,-
0.33l Sprite in a glass 35,-
0.25l Tonic in a glass 35,-
0.25l Tonic Ginger in a glass 35,-
0.25l Water non-sparkling 26,-
0.25l Water lightly sparkling 29,-
0.5l Spring Water with Lemon (non-bottled) 10,-
1.2l A Jug of Water 20,-
0.2l Fruit Juice (orange, apple, multivitamin, pear, strawberry) 26,-
0.3l Fruit Juice (orange, apple, multivitamin, pear, strawberry) 39,-


(0.02 for half price) 46,-
0.04l Kontušovka 40,-
0.04l Rum 40,-
0.04l Vodka 40,-
0.04l Peppermint Brandy 40,-
0.04l Fernet 40,-
0.04l Fernet Citrus 40,-
0.04l Vodka flavoured 45,-
0.04l Jägermaister 60,-
1dc Aperitif Cinzano 45,-
0.04l Becherovka (traditional Czech spirit) 45,-
0.04l Becherovka Lemon 45,-
0.04l Baileys 60,-
0.04l Žufánek Plum Brandy 55,-
0.04l Žufánek Plum Brandy from an oak barrel 60,-
0.04l Tullamore Dew 60,-
0.04l Jameson 60,-
0.04l Gin 45,-
0.04l Amundsen, Finlandia Vodka 60,-
0.04l Metaxa 60,-
0.04l Captain Morgan 60,-
0.04l Tequila 60,-


0.25l White Wine Moscatel 42,-
0.25l Rose Wine Rosado 42,-
0.25l Red Wine Tempranillo 42,-

Further selection by the wine list – on request.


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